10 Indian manufacturers are inflicting a stir on social media


We all now exist in two spaces – reality and virtual. Now that we are clearly spending so much time online, having a thriving and engaging online presence has become very important for brands. Social media is the fastest, most effective way for brands to reach their audiences.

While we all know this, it cannot be emphasized enough. There are many brands out there doing an incredible job of entertaining their audiences while getting their word out.

While it may seem easy to some, it can be quite a challenge to constantly develop new content and keep up with the ever-changing trends. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the brands with the best social media content so that you can get inspiration and bring in your unique ideas as well.

Why is social media important for brands?

As people quickly realized the importance of having a good presence on social media, most brands and companies stepped in. However, this has created another problem.

There are endless options to choose from now with so much content available. The best solution is to create content that gets noticed. While this is so much easier said than done, the rewards are well worth the hard work. The points to remember here are:

Social media marketing is not only efficient but also very inexpensive. For all the small businesses out there, it’s the greatest blessing because how much can it cost to make a post or a scroll?
By actively engaging with the audience, you can make it clear to them what exactly your brand brings to the table and what sets you apart.
Every social media platform, be it Facebook, Instgran or another, has its own strengths. Make sure you play to these strengths.

Top ten brands in social media

The top ten Indian brands with the best social media content are listed below:

1. Amul

The company, which is absolutely delicious, has always gotten its advertising strategies well. From billboards to social media posts, the dairy company has achieved it all.

Amul is known for expressing his opinion on current national or international issues and delivering them in his characteristic cartoon format. Your insights are always interesting and all of that milk goodness is delivered along with a powerful message.

2. Nyka

Nykaa is home to more than 400 brands and over 35,000 products. The beauty and wellness e-commerce platform Nykaa has established itself rapidly in recent years. One of the key factors that contributed to this colossal rise is their social media.

The type of posts they publish and the videos they bring out, which with the help of influencers and other beauty gurus, offer only the best for their audience, show their dedication to their work. They also have an active blog made up of makeup tips and other content related to the world of fashion and beauty.

3. Sabyasachi

The face behind the name needs no introduction. Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a big name in the fashion industry. Each of their ads that we’ve seen on TV over the years is a masterpiece in itself, and their social media strategy is no different.

Sabyasachi’s aesthetic Instagram page is ingrained in the minds of everyone who has ever visited, and they continue to partner with Bollywood beauties and elite models to showcase their great work and maintain their luxurious title.

4. Zomato India

The company knows that the way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs, but first through their social media profiles. They have some of the best content out there that will keep their audience engaged and entertained all the time.

They take the help of trending topics and stick with simple images and use that to interact with their audience.

5. Netflix India

Netflix became an even bigger rage than before due to the pandemic. With nothing else to do, most people turned to binge-watching to pass the time, and Netflix was their first choice.

But Netflix India has also done its part in keeping the audience’s interest alive. You are active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Their marketing strategies, in particular, are always on point and very committed.

6. Speak-G

We all grew up with these cookies and therefore they hold a special place in the hearts of all of us. The veteran biscuit company has demonstrated immense skills when it comes to social media content as well.

Coupled with their popularity and the great content they post there, the biscuit company is showing no signs of being dethroned anytime soon.

7. Cafe Coffee Day

Popularly referred to as the CCD by the youth, Cafe Coffee Day is the largest and one of the most popular coffee traders in the country. A fun fact is that they have rarely enlisted the help of traditional media such as television, radio, or print.
They have only done digital marketing and only focused on social media marketing themselves to market their products. Their approach is very minimalist, as are nice photos of cups and books and so on, but their impact was enormous.

8. The minimalist

The Minimalist was founded as an afterthought by two IIT Bombay students to create thought-provoking and fun content on Facebook. The Minimalist now has a large following on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

They keep their followers updated by including social issues in their content that they address through their designs.

9. Country stove

Country Oven’s social media accounts are managed by the Shootorder Digital Marketing Agency, and the well-known bakery brand has drawn a lot of attention due to the agency’s great job.

The content they create has a fair amount of information about their products and services but is well packed with trending topics. This helps them hit the bull’s eye every time.

10. Rajasthan tourism

A surprising entry on this list thanks to the incredible work that Rajasthan Tourism’s social media team, AdGlobal360 India Pvt Ltd, is doing. They take advantage of the experiences of those who have already traveled to the state and show those who, of course, help all potential travelers.


Inspiration is everywhere, but why not just start with the best? Don’t forget to check out the social media content from the brands listed above and see all of the amazing work they have done. Do even more research and research, and always remember that real effort always pays off. So keep working and outdo yourself every time.

You can find more such lists in the Digital Ready blog section. Also, check out the different digital marketing courses we offer and take your first step to become a digital marketer.


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