20 Greatest Dropshipping Suppliers within the UK


The dropshipping market is a segment of the eCommerce market that grows the fastest in today’s volatile market conditions. It was valued at USD 102.2 billion in 2018 and is projected to grow each year by nearly 29%. This makes this business model appealing to a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs. If you are planning to start a dropshipping business targeting the UK market with a specific niche or a wide range of products this article is for you to guide you through the best UK dropshipping suppliers. We compiled a list of 25 dropshipping suppliers in the UK in categories ranging from luxury fashion to furniture to make sure we cover everything you would want to offer to your customers.

Luxury Fashion


First on our list is BrandsGateway, a world-class dropshipping supplier that sells both men’s and women’s fashion. It is considered to be one of the biggest B2B marketplaces for luxury fashion apparel and accessories. The unique characteristic of BrandsGateway is that it holds a wide range of designer brands and offers an automated dropshipping solution for resellers. If you partner with BrandsGateway, your customers will be able to choose from thousands of luxury items across many brands. With such a supplier having your back, you will not need to worry about the quality and authenticity of the products you are offering to your customers as the company has a 100% guarantee on these. Moreover, with the beneficial wholesale prices on the products, you are set to make a great margin that can be as high as 250% on each order.

Style Centre

Style Centre is another UK dropshipping supplier that you can partner with. Although, they only offer men’s clothing and accessories that you can resell to your customer. Style Centre is in the business for over 12 years which can be an assurance for both quality products and partnership. The product offering is renewed and restocked each week so you will always be able to offer new and best-selling items to your customers. Style Centre offers an easy way to resell luxury men’s fashion to your customers as they have a pretty well worked out support system for dropshippers. One thing you need to be aware of is their return policy. We all know that selling fashion goods in an online space can be tricky as size and fit highly matter. Customers do not have the chance to try on the products, so 47% of the merchandise sold online ends up being returned because it does not meet the customer’s expectations. If the product is not damaged or faulty, Style Centre will not accept the return, so you would need to bear the costs of the purchase yourself and refund your customer.


BTS Wholesaler

BTSWholesaler is a dropshipping supplier in the UK that specializes in beauty products such as cosmetics and perfumes. The company has been in the dropshipping business since 2009 and supplies the latest trends and products to its resellers. They offer over 600 brands and thousands of products that you can resell to your customer via their dropshipping service. BTSWholesaler covers the whole of Europe when it comes to shipments and offers their catalog in five languages (English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish) so you will not need to deal with translating product descriptions. With BTSWholesaler you can get your order shipped to your customers in priority mail with packaging that is branded by you, so your customers will associate the arriving goods with your company.


SheaByNature is another dropshipping supplier in the UK that not only sells its products to smaller businesses but also manufactures them, so you would be directly buying from the maker without a middleman. They supply over 34 natural skin care products that are available for dropshipping, ranging from body butter to DIY soap-making kits. There are no minimum order quantities set by this supplier when it comes to dropshipping but you also have to keep in mind that lower price points mean lower margin in this care. You will only be able to have a 25% markup on each product you sell in your eCommerce store.

Mixed product offering


Avasam offers a highly automated dropshipping service to businesses that want to target the UK market with a wide range of products. In their catalog, you can find over 120,000 products ranging from pet supplies to household appliances. They only work with UK-based verified suppliers that are deemed trustworthy by their supplier verification process, so you can be sure that you are only reselling high-quality products. A reason Avasam stands out from the crowd when it comes to dropshipping is that they integrate with over 60 different eCommerce platforms. For this reason, it does not matter which software or marketplace you are using to run your store, you can be sure that you will get full automation with Avasam. One drawback that can be mentioned is that Avasam exclusively serves the UK market and does not ship to any other countries, so if you want to target other countries, think twice if this supplier is the right choice.


CJdropshipping can serve as an all-in-one solution when you are looking for a dropshipping supplier in the UK. Their UK-based warehouse holds over 2000 unique products that you can offer to your customers. There are two best traits of this supplier that are making it stand out among others. First is that you can browse their product catalog without registration, so you know exactly what you get yourself into when you start doing business with them. And the second is that they do not require you to pay a monthly service fee. This can be a great advantage especially if you are just starting your dropshipping business and you would not want to or can not afford to pay extra fees on a monthly basis.


Direct Dropship also offers a wide range of product categories you can choose from for your eCommerce store. They partnered with Inventory Source & Spocket to provide you with dropshipping software for easier listing, and better inventory integration. Once an order is placed it would take 4-16 days to arrive at your customer, depending on the location. If your customer is not 100% satisfied with the received item, they can request and get a return without having a particular reason. This will help you protect your profit margin as you will not have to pay for returned items out of your own pocket. Try Direct Dropship today and visit their website for a promo code that will get you a 15% discount on the service fee for the first month of the partnership.


SupplyMeDirect is another UK-based dropshipping wholesaler that you can partner with either you are selling on marketplaces like Amazon or you are having your own website. As SupplyMeDirect has several local warehouses you can ensure that your customers will receive their purchase with timely and secure delivery. As SupplyMeDirect is still rather new to the game, you can find that there are some limitations with regards to the number of unique products you can access.


TBTrade offers products for every room in your house, ranging from furniture to electronics. Although TBTrade is initially a retail company, it also offers a dropshipping program for entrepreneurs where they can access all merchandise at wholesale prices. Their dropshipping service does not include branded packaging so you will not be able to get your brand experience translated into the packaging. But every product is packed in a plain box, so your customers will not associate it with any other business either. The only drawback that TBTrade has is that its product offering is rather small, so you might want to partner with another supplier as well in order to be able to provide your customers with a wider variety.


Love eXcellence

Love eXcellence is another dropshipping supplier based in the UK that is selling multiple product categories. This supplier is mainly focused on luxury gifts for both men and women. For this reason, you will only find products here with high price points, so if you are wishing to sell cheaper products you better look elsewhere. While most of the products will ship in 24 hours, some bespoke and made-to-order pieces can take longer as they are specifically handcrafted for your customers.


Puckator is another example of giftware dropshipping suppliers in the UK. Unlike Love eXcellence, they provide lower price point items for their network of dropshippers. They offer a huge range of giftware and also some that have been exclusively designed for Puckator so you would definitely not find them elsewhere. With the product details and images provided by Puckator, you can easily list the product you wish on your website and start selling. They do not charge a monthly membership fee, so if you want to get into selling giftware Puckator can be a cheap and low-risk way to go. The products ordered will take about 5-8 business days to arrive at your customers within Europe and each piece will be boxed individually within a bigger shipping carton to have a safe journey. If your customer has any quality issue with the products received or just simply changed their mind, Puckator accepts returns in both cases and happy to reimburse you, so you will not need to worry about covering these items with your own money.



The first of the furniture dropshipping suppliers in the UK that we will give you an overview on is Baumhaus. If you want to resell furniture that has been manufactured in the UK to your customers, Baumhaus is the supplier you would want to partner with. Although the business is not dropshipping focused but wholesale, they have extensive dropshipping facilities and excellent services for eCommerce store owners. Baumhaus also has its own delivery fleet so they can guarantee that all orders are shipped out within five business days. Moreover, they not only provide you with product descriptions and high-quality pictures but you can also access 360-degree images of any product. This will definitely be a unique selling point in the eyes of your customers and will also reduce the number of returns as your customers can have a detailed view of each piece of furniture they wish to buy.

Dropshipping furniture

Amos Mann

Amos Mann is a dropshipping wholesaler that offers modern, contemporary furniture for entrepreneurs to resell. It is the fastest-growing and one of the most reliable furniture dropshippers in the UK. Their UK-based warehouse allows fast delivery directly to your customers. The standard delivery time for larger items can be as long as 7-10 business days but smaller items are delivered faster, in 2-3 working days. Unfortunately, Amos Mann is still a relatively small business so you will not get the benefit of integration and automation.

Online 4 furniture

Online 4 furniture is yet another furniture wholesaler that offers dropshipping for eCommerce store owners. However, they are carefully selecting who they do business with and the prices you retail their products at will be monitored. This way they want to ensure that the market is not flooded and the competition is fair. They also offer a 12-months guarantee for all pieces of furniture, so if any issue arises with your customer’s purchase within a year, you will have great chances to get a refund or a replacement product.

Artisan Furniture

Artisan Furniture offers a wide range of high-end furniture at wholesale prices for dropshippers. They also provide on-demand furniture that can be customized, so you can sell unique and bespoke pieces to your customers. You can simply register on their website and receive your starting package that will include product descriptions and images that you can then upload to your own eCommerce store.

Health & Fitness

Power Body

Power Body is not only a dropshipping supplier in the UK but also a wholesaler that offers you the chance to have your own branded products in your eCommerce store. But if you do not yet feel ready to create your own brand of supplements and vitamins, you can browse from the offerings of over 80 well-known brands. Every order will be sent in branded packaging promoting your store, so your customers will think that they are straight out of your warehouse. Power Body also offers API integration so you can completely automate the order and fulfillment process once a customer checks out on your eCommerce website.


Olivit is another supplier of supplements and vitamins. They offer over 3000 products for dropshipping that you can resell to your customers. With branded packaging and invoices you are able to present all orders in a way that matches your shop’s identity. Olivit also provides you with integration so you can easily automate your order and fulfillment processes for a hustle-free business. The only drawback is that Olivit has strict requirements for its resellers. Your business must stock at least 100 fitness-related products on a professionally made website and needs to be registered with HMRC.

Dropshipping health products

Print on demand


Printful is one of the most popular print-on-demand dropshipping suppliers in the UK that are selling customizable apparel, accessories, and other gift and marketing items. With Printful you can get your own design on a wide range of products you can offer to your customers in your eCommerce store. They also offer designer support for entrepreneurs that are not necessarily designers to make sure the end products are high-quality and fashionable. They not only offer integration with various platforms but also do not require you to pay a monthly service fee.


Printify is another print-on-demand dropshipping supplier in the UK. Printify supplies uniquely printed merchandise ranging from apparel to other gifting or marketing materials such as mugs and pens. They have over 90 print provider locations, out of which quite a few are located in the UK. The drawback of the high number of locations can be that the print quality can be inconsistent, so your customers’ satisfaction will not be 100% guaranteed. But at the same time, you can benefit from their 24/7 customer service that is available for complaints at all times. Furthermore, it is easy to manage the order and fulfillment process as Printify offers automation and integration with numerous eCommerce platforms.


The last on our list is Clothes2order which is another print-on-demand business based in the UK. They sell their products in both B2B context and to individuals as well, also they created a dropshipping service for eCommerce entrepreneurs. If you want to sell your own branded apparel range of fashion-forward products with a sustainability focus, you are at the right place. You can also expect high-quality prints and great customer service when partnering with Clothes2order. Moreover, if you complete the order process during morning hours, you can even get your products delivered the next day to your customers.


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