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If you’re reading this, you probably aren’t invited to Google’s most exclusive club. Don’t cry – you are not alone. We all know that a standard AdSense account, when measured, tested, and customized, can generate some killer revenue. What’s up with the mythical premium AdSense publisher? What is it? How do I get my golden ticket for a serious AdSense shwag?

The hard part about becoming a premium AdSense publisher is that Google hasn’t published any official guidelines, benefits, or guidelines on how to do this. It’s Area 51 of the Google ecosystem. But don’t worry – this program only exists for invitations (trust me). It’s just not available to most AdSense account holders.

The exclusivity of the Premium Account is implicitly linked to its general purpose, which is threefold:

  1. Reward quality content providers with high CTR who generate steady traffic from multiple sources.
  2. Increase ad revenue for Google by relaxing the rules for publishers and getting more clicks for advertisers (win-win).
  3. Build a community of AdSense early adopters who can help Google test beta products before they’re fully deployed to the general public.

Google understands that when it comes to quality websites, advertisers are knocking right on their doors. If these publishers are only getting $ 1 to $ 2 per 1000 page views on Google, they may be inclined to replace their AdSense slots with solid ads.

That would be bad news for Google!

By providing some additional perks for the top publishers, Google hopes to keep those dollars in-house.

Once you have the clout to set up your own business, Google will incentivize you to stay – great news for any publisher.

Premium publisher benefits

Once Google admitted you to the Premium Publisher Program, you have entered the Promised Land. In conjunction with strategic ad placement, you can double, triple or even quadruple your advertising revenue.

Here are some of the benefits that make the Premium Publisher Program so enviable:

1. Predictable income and price negotiations

While a traditional publisher gets stuck on all the ads that appear on their website, a premium publisher has the option to set thresholds and only accept the highest ads per click on their website. As you can see, this alone will increase advertising revenue on your website. It also means that those with a Premium account are better able to predict sources of income than those with a general account.

2. Concierge service

Do i have to say more? You will receive monthly advice from Google to resolve any issues, issues, or questions related to the ads that are showing on your website. With Google’s analytics army by your side, you not only maximize advertising revenue, but also have the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the Google system.

3. More advertising!

Exciting, isn’t it? While regular AdSense accounts receive a maximum of 3 ads per page, holders of a premium account receive 4-5 ads per page. I don’t need to tell you what impact this could have on your sales. Of course, you still want to keep your website attractive to users (that’s how you got into the premium program in the first place). But the ability to add more advertising can certainly come in handy.

4. Less restrictions

As a premium publisher, you can override many of the restrictions in the AdSense General Terms of Service that keep you up at night. That’s true! Google is giving its chosen ones brand new rules to live by, making it nearly impossible for your AdSense account to be reported for violations.

If your AdSense account has been banned for breach of terms (even if you swear you didn’t do anything wrong), read no further – you’re on the naughty googles list.

The premium account is, so to speak, a reward for the publishers who have proven themselves to generate impressions and clicks in compliance with the general terms and conditions.

5. Google beta test

Get an insight into the future of AdSense and influence decision-making. In my opinion, that can be enormous. Any SEO worth their money wants to know what’s in Google’s sandbox. This information can give you a serious edge over the competition and pop you on the Gen. roll out.

The following actions are allowed for AdSense Premium publishers:

6. Block the ad blockers

Premium accounts can ask website visitors to turn off ad blockers. That means they get the ad impressions that regular AdSense publishers don’t get. This could be one of those features that will soon be rolled out to all Google AdSense publishers.

Depressed enough already? Well! Let this motivate you to become a premium AdSense publisher. The steps are simple but require time, dedication, and perseverance. Remember the key to premium: be a formidable source of income for you and Google.

Here’s how:

1. Play fair

Stick to Google’s Terms of Service as if your life depends on it. Monitor your traffic closely. Don’t give Google a reason to question the quality of your traffic or ad clicks. A large part of “playing fair” includes not only careful compliance with the terms of service, but also the responsible procurement of high-quality traffic.

2. Generate traffic

Estimates vary, but you should have some impressive monthly traffic. A good starting point is regularly 1 million page views per month and 100,000 searches per month. This has been the minimum entry point in the past, but there is evidence that Google is accepting smaller websites with only a few hundred thousand pageviews per month. Sure, it might seem daunting, but you’ll be surprised how quickly a website can grow in popularity.

Especially if you …

3. Create original, useful content

The internet is full of copycats and content thieves who want to make quick money and move on. Even if your primary goal is to generate income, you need to consistently produce useful and engaging content. Consistent, high quality content not only helps your page views, it also helps you achieve Premium Adsense Publisher status.

4. Diversify your sources of traffic

Do your best to prevent heavy traffic from spam sites. If Google detects an influx of users from traffic exchanges, developing countries or sites frequented by bots, the chances of getting premium status drop significantly.

People are constantly trying to cheat Google – and that’s why Google is consistently playing the conservative side. If it looks like you might be breaking the rules, then you’re not going to be a premium publisher.

Make sure you have authentic traffic on your website and you are well on your way to premium status.

5. Authority

After all, your website’s authority plays a role in becoming a premium publisher. Although you want to continually increase your website’s authority – if you meet the other criteria to be included in the Premium Publisher Program, your website’s authority is likely to be good.

All good things come to those who wait

The only way to be accepted into the Google Premium AdSense Publisher program is by invitation.

To get Google’s attention, you need to be committed to developing quality content and building an engaged audience. With this commitment to excellence, a little time and a pinch of luck, you will make it into the Premium Publisher Program.

What do you think of Google’s Elite Program? Is it worth pursuing or is it a waste of time? Share your thoughts in the comment section

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