Deep search engine marketing ideas for 2021


When I was working at NBC in the ’90s, The Clapper was doing a shipload of advertising for Seinfeld and Friends and probably even for The Cosby Show. Of course, they’d spend millions on television commercials, as would the George Foreman Grill, Ron Popeil, and his amazing pocket fisher, like pretty much any brand that wanted to sell the whole country. Moms spent a lot of time watching As The World Turns so it made sense that Cool Whip wanted to be there. The problem with Cool Whip is that it wasn’t as entertaining as Donny & Marie *:

On the other hand, if the last minute company was arriving in 30 minutes and you needed a delicious dessert that also signaled that as a mom, or worse as a hostess, you weren’t a failure, those adorable osmonds couldn’t help you.

So brands did their thing and solved life’s problems for you, while the media did their thing to help you avoid all of life’s problems for as long as possible.

Enter the Internet.

I like to imagine that Tim Berners-Lee was sitting in his office at CERN around noon in 1989 and thinking, “Damn it, this grilled cheese looks amazing. If I could just send a picture of it all over the world, everyone would see what an amazing life I lead and I could die happily. “**

Enter google.

All of a sudden, while watching Notre Dame get her ass kicked by Bama, you could actually be looking for the best damn beer in the world instead of drinking beer-flavored water just because a team of horses made you feel all the emotions.

So SEO in 2021 isn’t all that different from SEO in 2020 or in previous years. Your SEO program is somewhere in this graphic:

The problem with the start of the year SEO projections is that most brands have already set their SEO budgets for 2021, and I guarantee 99% of them didn’t include building an indoor ice rink for dancing skaters to rank 1 for “Queen-size mattresses” in their PowerPoint decks.

If you’re not ready to be as entertaining as Donny & Marie, you should be ready to be at least as informative as WikiHow ****. Better yet, be ready to be both.


* Thanks Todd Mintz

** According to Herodotus, the happiest man is the one who dies happily

*** The origin of the Clydesdales is quite large. Bud was supposed to do a superbowl ad with the Clydesdales and deliver Bud to homeowners in quarantine. like an equestrian DoorDash.

**** Full Disclosure: At one point, LSG Wikihow may have helped figure out how to do SEO


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