Discover out from the “Godfather of Google AdSense” what drives buyers to finance a startup


Entrepreneurs and startups looking for investors and funding are on an ongoing, perpetual cycle – the kind that even reality TV shows scorned!

Similar to the spirit of entrepreneurship itself, which relies on treading the unusual path, however, is the reverse pitching phenomenon. The core idea is to flip the script and move investors to startups instead, with the former sharing their operational experience, industry focus, investment thesis, ticket sizes, portfolios, and the value propositions they bring to the table. This is followed by a question and answer session in which founders can ask investors questions.

Organizations like Amazon AWS, TiE, The Circle.Work, Network Capital, Headstart etc. are the marketing partners for this series.

Delhi-based Favcy – a business-building platform that offers ready-to-assemble digital applications for converting ideas into business – is a biweekly leader in making reverse pitching mainstream while demystifying startup funding for founders digital reverse pitch session.

In the Favcy Reverse Pitch series of webinars, several big names from the VC space have been featured so far, including Vinod Shankar (partner, Java Capital), Shashank Randev (founder VC, 100x.VC) and Rajul Garg (founding and managing partner , Leo Capital)), Satveer Thakral (CEO, SGAN) and Pinaki Aich (CEO, Forward Investments) to hold successful, committed meetings on reverse pitching, among other things.

The Favcy Reverse Pitch will raise the bar for the coming week and will host the “Godfather of Google AdSense”, Gokul Rajaram, on Monday June 8th at 10am. To register for this webinar, Click here.

Gokul is currently a member of the executive team at DoorDash, where he runs Caviar – a premium grocery ordering service. He was also instrumental in getting Facebook ads mobile first and was an executive at some of the largest tech companies in the world, namely Google, Facebook and Square.

“This is a great opportunity for founders to understand investors’ investment thesis, ticket size, reasons to invest in new trends, and more in a 25 minute chat. You also have the opportunity to ask critical questions to investors in a 15-minute Q&A session, ”said Nischaiy Pradhan, founding partner at Favcy.

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this session

Learn more about Gokul Rajaram’s investment thesis

Gokul has made a wide range of investments, from Shape Security to People AI to Faire (an online wholesaler for resellers), while Tech-Play is a business model innovation. During this session, he will delve deeper into what constitutes handing a check.

Critical start rating

Gokul will exchange mental models on how a founder can evaluate and evaluate himself and his startup at an early stage using key figures such as Product Market Fit, Founder Market Fit, Timing the Market, etc.

Upward trends in the post-Covid world (both American and Indian context)

Gokul will share his views on sectors and opportunities that he believes are positive for COVID from a US and Indian market perspective.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to grow your startup and use the seed capital to bear plenty of fruit. You can learn more and register for this special session Here


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