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Facebook contests are one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences and get a lot of viral traffic back to your website.

With over 1.3 billion users on the social network, it’s no wonder more and more individuals, bloggers, brands, and companies are trying to create Facebook competitions to drive more engagement and activity on their websites.

Setting up your own Facebook competition over the years has been a huge hassle. You’d have to mess around with the settings and tabs on your Facebook fan pages, and this was usually more than a headache than anything else.

Fortunately, a wide range of services have figured out how to make this process a lot easier, and now anyone can create effective social networking competitions in minutes. What’s even better is that they are now more effective and powerful than ever before.

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How to Create Amazing Facebook Contests

With so many different solutions on the market today, I have selected a few of my favorite Facebook competition apps and indicated the benefits of each one below.

Before we dive into the top Facebook contest apps available today, I wanted to first highlight some of the best ways to optimize your campaigns and promotions for maximum performance.

1. Choose a relevant price

While giving away the latest tech toy or Apple product might seem like a good idea, you can get a lot better use of your campaigns by choosing a price that’s relevant to your brand, product, or service that you choose want to offer.

2. Give your doctorate a jump start

All competitions and promotions need to start with a bang. As well as promoting your contest through social networks, you should use your email lists and website traffic to give your campaigns a boost.

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3. Always collect an email address

Regardless of what your award is or what you want to advertise, you always need to have an email address. Lots of people will enter your contest and never come back. An email address is the best way to find out more.

4. Make sure your contest is mobile ready

More people than ever are using their mobile devices. Mobile optimization should be a priority for every blogger or website owner and should NOT be overlooked.

Make sure to check your promotional and lead gen forms to make sure they are mobile ready and optimized so that you don’t lose leads in the process.

5. Follow up with all participants

When your promotion is over, you should contact all participants – not just the winners. This is another great opportunity for you to send one more message to everyone, letting them know that the contest is over, thanking them, and pushing your final offer one last time.

Follow these contest and promotion tips while using any of the apps recommended below and you will be set up for maximum performance and results!

Top Facebook Contest Apps List

1. Wishpond

Wishpond is currently the leader in social competition apps and promotions.

Their service quickly wipes out the competition, making it easy for anyone to set up social contests, landing pages (including Instapage’s landing pages), popup newsletter forms, and more. In addition to all of the tools available on their website, they also offer tracking for advertising campaigns served through Facebook, Google, and more.

Compared to other competitive and promotional apps, Wishpond is quite competitive with a base price of $ 45 per month. You can also sign up for a free 14-day trial which will allow you to try out all of the areas, tools, and features of the website based on the package you choose.

The advanced packages include a dedicated coaching program, email automation, and white label options. If you choose to pay a year in advance, you’ll save an additional 35%.

2. Heyo Contest Builder App

If you have to choose a quality Facebook contest app, a simple drag and drop solution might be your best option. Website builders have become mainstream in website building so we would assume that this technology will eventually carry over to Facebook.

This is exactly what Heyo had in mind when they developed their service to encourage activity and engagement through the large social network.

One of the main reasons websites, blogs, and brands want to create competitions and promotions on social networks is because they can easily get email addresses to keep track of.

Once set up with Heyo, you have access to all templates for easy contest and promotion creation. Heyo offers a 7-day free trial without a credit card. Premium plans are $ 30 per month.

3. ShortStack

With ShortStack, you can easily create campaigns that target your audience. And best of all, they can still be used.

While most people focus on social media competitions and promotions, they also forget about all of the quality traffic they miss in their own locations. The ShortStack platform allows you to create fully custom lead gen forms that match the look and feel of whatever elements you want.

You can create your own lead gen forms and pages with a free trial. Full access accounts start at just $ 29 per month.

4. AgoraPulse

If you want to focus on apps and promotions for Facebook contests, you should also look into an all-in-one solution like AgoraPulse that allows you to create apps, engage with your audience, and measure your results over the process.

All plans come with unlimited apps and start at just $ 29 a month. Accounts that are billed annually also save up to 35%.

How to choose the best Facebook contest apps

Now that we’ve listed some of the best Facebook competition apps for you to choose from, it’s time for you to take a step back and see what you want to achieve with your social networking efforts.

The great thing about each of the services listed above is that each of them offers a free trial period that you can try out their tools and offerings.

It is also important to note that all four of the competitive and advertising services listed are top notch and are recommended by some of the most well known online marketers and media companies. Choosing the system that works best for you and your brand is more about how you use the system and what budgeting options you use when you want to scale heavily.

The best way to find out which of the Facebook contest apps is best for you is to try each one out. Don’t forget, each one has their own free trial and some of them don’t even require a credit card!


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