Google AdSense adverts disappear – publishers complain however no response from the Google AdSense staff


Free Customs May 28, 2019

As of Friday, May 24th, some publisher websites have stopped running Google AdSense ads. including us. There are no notifications or warnings from Google AdSense.

There are widespread complaints on the Google AdSense Help Community pages, on forums, and on social media.

Publishers can see normal pageviews on their AdSense dashboard, but other metrics like impressions, clicks, CPC, and page RPM and CTR have been close to zero since Friday. To date (Monday May 28th) there have been hundreds of complaints about the issue but there is still no announcement from the Google Adsense team. Many publishers believe it is the long Memorial Day weekend. Search Engine Roundtable first reported that the message was, “The Google Ads team on Twitter is up, but the AdSense team has the weekend off.”

Google ads are no longer showing

It has been four days since the problem started, but there is still no announcement from the AdSense team.

The Google Adsense team definitely needs new team players for support and communication. Identifying the problem is the first step in solving it. We hope you will soon.


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