Google AdSense revenue fluctuations unrelated to the algorithm replace


Google has confirmed that fluctuations in AdSense earnings over the past few days are not related to the latest update to the search algorithm.

This information was provided by Google’s Danny Sullivan in response to a website owner asking if the algorithm update also affects AdSense.

The website owner was concerned about fluctuations in AdSense earnings after the last update to the core algorithm, as well as fluctuations in page views and a decrease in click-through rate.

According to Sullivan, the core algorithm update and AdSense have nothing to do with each other.

They have nothing to do with each other.

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) August 6, 2018

While this statement is technically correct, it also needs to be considered how an algorithm update can indirectly affect AdSense earnings. Or some other type of monetization on the page.

If the algorithm update is negatively affecting a website, then it only makes sense for a website with less traffic to generate less revenue from display ads.

With the same logic, the same can be said for websites that sell products. Less traffic means less sales.

Sullivan means that when Google introduces an algorithm update, nothing is burned into the update that should directly affect Google AdSense.


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An algorithm update does not inherently affect an AdSense publisher’s ability to make money.

If a website continues to receive the same amount of traffic and impressions and ad clicks, it will still generate the same revenue as it did before the update was rolled out.

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