Google introduces Tamil language help for AdWords and AdSense


The function is already available in Hindi and Bengali.

Google announced on Wednesday the introduction of Tamil language support for its advertising products – Google AdWords and Google AdSense. The internet giant said these products would support Tamil web publishers as well as help advertisers reach Tamil’s large internet user base. With this introduction, Google has expanded support for Indian language advertising to Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil.

“Now Tamil will give the necessary boost to content creation in local languages ​​and expand digital advertising in Indian languages,” said Shalini Girish, Director – Google Marketing Solutions, Google India, in a statement. “We saw a tremendous acceleration in Hindi content creation when we introduced support for Hindi languages,” added Ms. Girish.

With voice support, advertisers can develop rich and seamless campaigns to target their audience through search and display ads in Tamil, Google said. The content creators who have websites and blogs in Tamil can also sign up for Google Adsense and serve ads for their content, attracting advertisers from all over the world.

India has 234 million Indian-speaking users online (compared to 175 million English web users). It is expected that another 300 million Indian language users will go online over the next four years. The most important aspect of making the Internet more useful and meaningful to all of India, according to the company, is to make the Indian Internet more representative of India today.


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