How this affiliate marketer discovered sufficient about his craft to arrange his personal enterprise


John Crestani has made tens of thousands of dollars from his own customers.

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August 9, 2018 2 min read

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In this video, Eric Siu, partner in the Entrepreneur Network, talks to affiliate marketing professional John Crestani. After Crestani began his career as an analyst at an advertising agency, he took on some of his own clients by selling them individual ads.

To get into affiliate marketing, Crestani recommends hitting a performance deal with your company or joining an affiliate network. If you’re starting out in affiliate marketing, you can reach out to local business owners in your area – such as doctors and dentists – and ask if they’re interested in buying Facebook ads.

Crestani was ultimately able to use these smaller businesses to generate tens of thousands of dollars in profit on top of what he had already done at the agency. His journey is proof that spotting opportunities can be a worthwhile start as long as you build your expertise from there.

Click play to hear more from Siu and Crestani.

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