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If you’ve followed industry trends you know casino is on the rise. Russian teams make 7 numbers a month to boost casino offerings through FB app installs, push traffic, and email. If you want to get a piece of the pie you will love this great company – a top casino network has room!

Introducing: Netopartners are the affiliate program that exclusively represents some of the leading brands for slots, scratch and instant win games. In total, they have offers in more than 24 geos and have been around for over 10 years. Believe me, you know what you are doing.

You have over 500 active partners who run data traffic and bring in more than 150,000 registrations and over ten thousand FTDs every month. This is huge! They are constantly creating Kick-Ass casino brands to meet the exciting demand from people who love to gamble and gamble in the casinos.

Why should you work with Neto Partners?

They have been around for over 10 years so they know their craft. They also know how to optimize the backend to increase the conversion chance for you. This means it is easier to make more money than promoting untested casino offers from a newbie.

And yes, they have the usual offering that every CPA network has – friendly support, quick payouts on demand, and support for the creative.

The best thing is that they have 100% exclusive in-house offers that are not advertised anywhere else and that you will not find at Offervault.

They know how easy it is to convert unique content and niche casino offers. That’s why they create some of the most amazing games in the casino space to attract a diverse clientele who love to play.

Additionally, many of their brands have a scratch or instant win theme that partners can use to appeal to not only hardcore casino players but a much wider audience as well. This increases conversions and makes it easier for a partner to make money with their offers.

As you know, not everyone is ready to step into a casino, but most have bought at least one scratch card in their lifetime (I know I have it).

  • Another great benefit is the types of offers they offer – Rev-Share or Guaranteed ROI spent

That’s huge, you are almost guaranteed to get ROI on spending and you can also do Rev-Share, which is my personal favorite because you only have to catch a few “whales” and they keep coming back to play on their whales Casino games and then get paid without having to do anything.

Successful Promotion of Casino Offers – Direct Tips from NetoPartners for Media Buyers and Partners

  • Tier 1 countries are very competitive. Try out offers in Tier 2 and 3 and take advantage of them! Promote countries where transport is cheaper and less competitive. Your ROI is guaranteed to be higher!
  • Take advantage of the uniqueness of their products and advertise their offers in an untraditional traffic source, not just on gambling and betting channels. (Use: sweepstakes, sweepstakes, money making funnels, lottery, and even dating traffic).
  • Success stories work! Wrap it up with a great looking pre-lander / advertorial and you have a winning funnel! The more “out there” the story is, the more impact it will have. Do you remember the guy with the big gold chains sitting in a bathtub promoting crypto offers? That’s the idea!
  • Finally, you might think that online gambling is only for men between the ages of 30 and 50. You will be surprised to find that their demographics are evenly split between men and women between the ages of 25 and 65! So you can actually address a wider audience that costs you less and still fits our product. This is a great opportunity to target women as most of the people who run a casino are all men.

Where (which traffic sources) do NetoPartner offers convert best?

  • Casino offers work best on FB, Google, Push, Email, and SMS. However, some people have also been lucky with locals, although CPCs can be sky high there.
  • Many media buyers who play with DSP arbitrage have also worked successfully with NetoPartners. This is very advanced and not for everyone.

Lookalike audiences, seed audiences, custom pixel setups, iframes and more – they stand 100% behind their partners.

  • NetoPartners is great, like my other favorite CPA networks, they really seem to give everything the partner needs to be successful.
  • Since the iOS14 disaster on FB, it has become increasingly important to properly track. Because of this, RedTrack has a solution to the problems with the Facebook iOS14 update, as does NetoPartners. They’re ready to set up custom tracking setups, help with iframes, or even APIs if you’re big enough. Provide launch audience to generate impressive lookalike audiences and even suggest where to buy data for email / SMS campaigns.
  • NetoPartners doesn’t put caps or limits you – they know that once you’ve met a winner, you want to grow it fast, and they are happy to help you make long-term money and find the “whales”. This is really good when you make Rev-Share based lead gen for casino.

netopartners.com checked for casino, gambling offers

Their really cool system measures incoming traffic and analyzes it based on historical data in real time so that they can see which is very likely to be a good lead and which is not. So they can communicate how you can optimize your traffic fumes to get the best results quickly.

Share this post and win 1 to 1 advice worth $ 2000!

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