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If you want to be at the top of the game you have to help your customers in every possible way. Many in online stores do not realize this. You only focus on the short term gain.

One of the most important aspects of doing business is the customer. What’s more, your relationship with your customers. The better you are towards them, the better they will be towards you. Online sellers like dropshippers often forget about this. And that can be detrimental to their success.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a term that has become popular lately. It has grown in popularity over the past few years and now you can even hear it in the mainstream media. But what is it

Dropshipping is a sales method. It sells products to customers like any other method. The difference is where the product comes from. Most sellers have inventory to ship from. Dropshipper not. They have agreements with the manufacturers of these goods. You send the products from the factory to the customer. [1]

This saves a lot of money and lowers the seller’s risk. But it also separates the seller from the customer. Because of this, dropshipping experts need to pay special attention to their customer experience. One small mistake and you lost a customer for life.

Why customer experience matters

Do you remember the last time you had a great customer experience? Probably not. But you remember the terrible experience you had years ago!

Satisfied customers are loyal customers [2]. Unfortunate people don’t get anywhere near your brand.

A good customer experience (CX) has a number of advantages [3]:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • Positive reviews and recommendations

CEOs can also deny the importance of the customer experience. Sometimes they don’t have the means to improve their CX game either. It’s also proven that the customer experience doesn’t improve on its own. Only when it becomes a top priority for the company. This study was published by the Harvard Business Review.[4]

Dropshipping negatives

There are many things that can go wrong that lead to a bad CX. Some of the most common problems that are responsible for poor CX are:

  • Long waiting / response time
  • Employees who are not adequately trained
  • Unsolved problems and questions
  • Too much automation
  • Not personalized service
  • Rude / angry employees
  • Bad reviews

Real examples

I’m sure everyone has their own list of the worst experiences on the internet. These are some of the most famous ones that prove even big brands can screw this up.

  • – Have you seen the website recently? It looks just like the early days of the internet. While not that difficult to use, the design itself is so off-putting. It looks like a bad attempt by a deceptive website.
  • – Can you belive that? Is this the official website of a company with over $ 700 billion worth of assets? The user experience is terrible. Try to find something there, impossible!
  • – The biggest online seller also has a UX that could improve a bit. While it’s not terrible, there are a few things that often don’t show up. Sometimes it is difficult to judge the product from the pictures provided and the reviews are fake. All of these contribute to an imperfect UX

Closer to the audience reading this are Shopify stores. Here the mistakes are often much bigger and more effective because they don’t have a name to support them [6].

  • This business is all about your dog and everything you could need for him. While the content is fine, they have one big problem. They use review starts for their products, even if most of them have no reviews at all. People might assume that your things are not being sold at all and that your business might be a scam. Use rating stars only when they are rated!

Enhance Your Dropshipping Customer Experience With These Incredible 7 Tips!

  • This shop focuses on bags for kids and things you need for your kids. It had some glaring problems before, but most of them are no longer a problem. Right now the biggest mistake is that the descriptions aren’t that great. Customers could be put off by their lackluster description. Reviews are also not possible on the website.

Some key statistics to refer to:

  • 96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of brand loyalty.
  • Brands with great customer experiences make more money. They generate 5.7 times more sales than competitors who are lagging behind in customer experience.

Enhance Your Dropshipping Customer Experience With These Incredible 7 Tips!

  • 73% of consumers say that having a good experience is key to influencing their brand loyalty.
  • Customers who switch companies because of poor service cost US companies a total of $ 1.6 trillion.
  • Loyal customers buy five times more often. They are also four times more likely to refer a friend to the company. [6]

Enhance Your Dropshipping Customer Experience With These Incredible 7 Tips!

What you can do to improve the customer experience

Some dropshipping companies realized the importance of their CX. Here is an example of how companies match their online and offline stores on a CX-by-CX basis.

Amy Matthew from Qubole was the first to speak about it. She addressed the importance of the customer experience. She focused on balancing online customer experiences with offline experiences. One of the best examples of this happened recently. Major UK retailer Mark Spencers decided to emulate their offline shopping experience. Then they reproduced it for their online presence. This gave customers a sense of “familiarity”. It has helped increase online sales and conversions. This was a great example of how to do it.

So how should you improve your customer experience? Here are a few tips to help you!

Improve your email

Automated email is one of the most important copies you will ever write. If you get them right, people will think that you sent every email yourself. That personal touch is hard to reproduce and people love the real thing. Write a few “thank you” emails and a few newsletters / updates. Don’t send them all the time, use them sparingly as you don’t want to spam your customers. Write them with a bit of spirit and humor and always leave your signature! [7]

Enhance Your Dropshipping Customer Experience With These Incredible 7 Tips!

Offer service

Customer support is important. While the classic approach to doing this is around the clock phone and email lines, these aren’t the best. Research has shown that over 70% of customers prefer to solve their problems. Nobody likes to call a hotline or write long emails. [7]

Build a great Q&A page and a great support page. These should address and explain some common problems and issues. Create video explanations for this additional service. You will see, no one will call you or email you. You’d all rather solve it yourself!

Be transparent about delivery times

A common mistake made by shopkeepers is saying that delivery times are shorter than they are. If you say the delivery time is 2-3 days and the product will arrive in 10 days, you have a problem. The customer will believe they are being cheated. That you are lying and that something is wrong with your product.

The solution is simple. Be honest! If it takes 30 days, let’s say it takes that long. Don’t lie, it won’t get you anywhere.

Read and moderate comments on Facebook

Facebook is important. If you have a page there, you know that people are happy to leave comments and suggestions there. Take these suggestions into account. Read them and group them. If you find some suggestions to be common, do your best to implement them.

Enhance Your Dropshipping Customer Experience With These Incredible 7 Tips!

Answer questions they might have. But be careful, Facebook can be tricky at times. Competitors and internet trolls love to spam your pages with fake comments and profanity. These are not real clients, they want to give you bad PR. Block and moderate these comments.

If an actual customer complains, don’t delete their comment. Reply to them and try to fix the problem. Like I said don’t lie, it won’t get you anywhere!

Ask your previous customers for their opinion

Are your customers satisfied with the products they have purchased? They do not know? Ask her!

If you haven’t already complained, then most likely you are happy with your purchase. Try to get them to write a review or positive comment about their experience. This will affect others when they visit your site. Offer incentives like small discounts and you will see the reviews come in!

Analyze reviews on Amazon to get better and sell better products

It is always better for your bottom line to learn from the mistakes of others. Fortunately, it’s very easy today. Search Amazon for similar products to yours and see the reviews and how the seller deals with them. You will get a feel for what to do and how to respond. You will also see if people like these types of products.

With enough research, you can find new and interesting products that you can also sell. And you know how to respond to customer inquiries.

Machine learning

A few more high-tech stores started implementing machine learning. With advanced AI models, they can better analyze CX and provide valuable data. With this data, you can better optimize everything related to your experience.

Research has shown that companies that have implemented this have seen financial growth. All in all, if you have know-how and can afford it. Use machine learning in your shop. [8]

The central theses

The most important thing to remember here is that the customer experience is important! With a good CX, your business will thrive. Without them, you are preparing for some losses. Use These Tips To Improve Your Business And Grow Your Sales! Always improve and never stop offering more! Good luck in your future endeavors.

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