The Free Agent Mindset: How Contrarians are Shaping the Future of Work




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If you think that going out on your own and being self-employed is the riskier option in life, think again. Recent events and the ever-changing business environment are causing us to reevaluate the employer/employee relationship and how we move forward as an economy.

The Free Agent Mindset is about finding your place in this new work environment and positioning yourself as an independent worker. It will make you look at your career differently by laying out the future of work and allowing you to see options that you may not have seen before.

This is not just a “how to become a freelancer” book. It explores topics such as:

* Seeing opportunities you may not have noticed before
* Understanding how technology is impacting work
* Positioning yourself to succeed
* Building yourself as a brand

In this book you will discover that the future of work will heavily depend on skilled freelancers and contractors. Ultimately, The Free Agent Mindset is a tool to help you take charge of your career and feel comfortable about being your own boss.


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