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NEW YEAR! New opportunities!!

Facebook went down the rabbit hole to ban everyone and censor the world. While this sounds grim to anyone trying to make money, it isn’t all bad. There is good news! In the form of a hot new opportunity to make money …

Do you have a number of websites that are generating traffic?

Do you have an email list or leftover traffic from your media purchases?

Do you want to monetize it?

If so, give it a try!

Monetizing traffic can be confusing and complicated. This need not be. Fortunately, there are many companies that offer smart links. They send traffic and they do the rest. Things like: Knowing where the visitor is coming from, what device they’re using. Then it is matched against the right combination of offer and landing page that has proven itself.

A new exciting monetization option to check out is iMonetizeIt. They are a CPA marketplace, smartlink, and tracker. They enable the monetization of all available global traffic. No questions asked! We use it a lot in our push campaigns to get the last drop of the traffic we buy.

Why are people so interested in iMonetizeIt?

iMonetizeIt is a team of top professionals from the industry. They are designed to help you monetize your traffic. I mean it’s in her name! They also specialize in providing solutions to increase your traffic and growth. Optimization is another specialty. Your dedicated team for optimization checks the traffic and offers on a daily basis. They do this to make sure you always have an insight into the top RPMs.

Their platform offers many great benefits to their users. Things that other companies can only copy. Some of these benefits include real-time tracking, smart targeting, and global coverage. They also focus on the user experience. They have a 24/7 customer support page with a simple and easy to use interface. iMonetizeIt also offers easy integration and fast and flexible payments! (with Cake, AllAffiliatePro and many more)

The system behind it is simple and efficient. It focuses on dating deals. In addition to the classic dating industries with email offers, they also offer other categories.

Some of the dating sub-verticals:

  • Mainstream dating
  • Cams
  • Happy
  • Pick-up courses
  • Dating FB
  • Dating push

But the list doesn’t stop there. iMonetizeIt offers a lot more to its users. There are a variety of incredible industries supported by their smart links.

You have access to vertical specific smart links:

  • Dating (SubVerticals for Instagram, FB)
  • Contest
  • Games
  • Pills
  • mainstream
  • Diet & Weight Loss.

These are very, very popular with PUSH and POP traffic sources because the demographic data go well together. They are well segmented and even cover some smaller niches. Niches in a few categories that can make you a ton of money in no time. Most other networks don’t even offer such coverage.

The great thing about all of this is the availability. You can work with almost any GEO imaginable. You can use different conversion flows like CPL, CPA, CPS Mobile and more. The possibilities are incredible. They work with all types of traffic too! App, Social, Search, Native, Banner, Email and Push. They call it!

However, these are not the only benefits they offer.

Benefits you get with iMonetizeIt:

  • Big Payouts and Exclusive Offers;
  • The highest eCPM / EPC;
  • Global supply coverage – more than 200 GEOs;
  • Reliable payments via Wire / Payoneer / Paxum / WebMoney / Capitalist / BTC / Qiwi;
  • Access real-time statistics and converting designs / pre-tested funnels;
  • Personal account manager who is professional, helpful, and responsive;
  • Free tracker

iMonetizeIt: Smartlink, CPA Marketplace, and Free Tracker - a great opportunity for marketers

But don’t take my words for it. There are a lot of people who make a lot of money with it.

iMonetizeIt published some statistics and case studies from the previous year. You managed to hit the list of achievements.

They had over 26 new affiliate teams on their platform. Together they launched over a thousand campaigns with great success. The company doesn’t just rely on new teams. You have teams that have been on the platform for over 3 years and are making serious money!

But the fun doesn’t stop there, iMonetizeIt has launched a lot of competitions for their partners. They gave away over 20 Apple devices and over $ 50,000 in cash. How many platforms do you know of with such great incentives to join?

There are no disadvantages to joining. And luckily, joining isn’t complicated!

Follow this link to start the process >>>

iMonetizeIt: Smartlink, CPA Marketplace, and Free Tracker - a great opportunity for marketersiMonetizeIt: Smartlink, CPA Marketplace, and Free Tracker - a great opportunity for marketers

Visit their website and fill out the form. You will be quickly taken to an account page where you can create your account and begin your journey. After your registration, one of the friendly iMonetizeIt customer service representatives will contact you shortly. They will ask you several questions. Among other things, about your experience, statistics and work with other platforms. These questions give the team enough information about you and your company. iMonetizeIt only works with industry professionals. You are only looking for people with experience.


Once you are signed in, you will be greeted by an easy-to-use dashboard where you can get all kinds of statistics and information. There you can see your offers, campaigns, statistics, earnings and much more.

To get started, you can navigate through the dashboard and find the section with the offers. There you will find a list of the top offers. You can further filter them by GEO, Payouts, Verticals and many other parameters. With these filters in place, you should be able to make an educated guess what a good deal might be for you.

iMonetizeIt: Smartlink, CPA Marketplace, and Free Tracker - a great opportunity for marketersiMonetizeIt: Smartlink, CPA Marketplace, and Free Tracker - a great opportunity for marketers

After the selection you will receive a lot of information in your offer. Conversion Types, GEO, Payouts, Restrictions, Os, Traffic, Carriers and much more. You can find out everything you need to do that.

iMonetizeIt is also famous for its smart links. Accessing it is as easy as possible! You go to the menu and create your own Smart Link based on your requirements.

You enter the name, choose a vertical and a sub-vertical, and add a domain. You can also add tracking tokens to the mix.

iMonetizeIt: Smartlink, CPA Marketplace, and Free Tracker - a great opportunity for marketersiMonetizeIt: Smartlink, CPA Marketplace, and Free Tracker - a great opportunity for marketers

Their smartlinks are way more advanced than those of the competitions. They use their own proprietary auto targeting solution. In doing so, they enable their users to maximize their profits from monetizing traffic. This feature alone is worth trying out iMonetizeIt.

There are also some great advanced features for you to try out. Things like:

  • Scripts
  • Network rules
  • The button “Back” redirects
  • Enter popups and exit
  • Direct traffic
  • And much more

You provide 1 to 1 support and you get your own representative. You can review what is already working and get insights into the content to be promoted. You can get things moving without worrying about losing your ad account due to random reasons.

I recommend that you get in touch with a manager and get an insight into the offers at hand. As always, test these offers and look for new offers and industries. Ask your account manager what could be confusing for you. They are here to help! If you have a problem that you cannot resolve on your own, contact the support team at [email protected]

They also offer a cool browser extension and a Telegram bot. Use them to improve your usability and efficiency. Installation is quick and easy. The way it should be. You can find them under the following links:

Finally, payments. Payments are simplified with most of the supported methods. You won’t have any problems with Payoneer / Paxum / Web Money / Capitalist / BTC / Qiwi. There is also a minimum for withdrawal – $ 80. This shouldn’t be a problem as you should be making a lot more!


iMonetizeIt is a kickass platform for executing all kinds of offers. If you want to offer dating deals, look no further. This is THE place to go for dating right now.

They are an open-minded and user-friendly network. Beginners and industry veterans will feel at home there. In fact, most of the partners who read my blog should join in and see what success they can achieve with them.

They offer all kinds of bonuses and sweepstakes so there is nothing to lose.

See firsthand what all the fuss is about!


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