The Prime Quotation Websites in Each US State – Up to date 2021


Over 450 top local citations and companies by US state

Anyone who owns or works with a local business knows the importance of getting high quality citations on business listing websites and directories. We have already compiled the top citation websites by business category, country, and US city. However, this resource is for you if you want to increase the online visibility of a local business in the US state you operate.

Our Citations team has compiled over 450 different industry listing websites and directories that focus solely on companies in each state. The next time you’re looking for a statewide website or business listing directory to submit your or your client’s business to, please come back to this page.

Please note: The citation pages listed here are not necessarily those that we can submit using Citation Builder. Click here for more information.

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Creating quotes can take a lot of time, effort, and stress. That does not have to be that way. We have an experienced team of professional citation makers who deliver over 60,000 quotes for our SEO and SMB clients every month. Our manual citation service costs just $ 3 per submission and ensures your business shows up in the correct business listings and local directories.

We can also send your business data to local data aggregators in the US. These aggregators distribute your data to their network of directories, mobile apps and map services. Our aggregator service is of high quality and low cost. We submit to all 3 US aggregators for only $ 60 / year.

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