What does the premium model of the micro-blogging platform deliver?


Twitter is viewed by many professionals around the world as the platform for news dissemination. By this we mean that every news item or every major event, no matter where it takes place in the world, is first reported via the microblogging platform.

Although we don’t really know whether this statement is true or not, it doesn’t take away the importance of this platform in our country. It was a pretty rude shock to many when it was “almost banned” a few weeks ago.

The latest news on the platform is that it is releasing Twitter Blue, a paid service from Twitter that will help users express themselves better and customize their experience. It has already been released in Australia and Canada to see how it is received.

Today we’re going to discuss what Twitter Blue is really about.

What is Twitter blue?

As the very first subscription-based service introduced by the platform, Twitter Blue will give users access to several premium features. This includes tools to help users organize their bookmarks, make threads easy to read and neatly read, and even use the Undo Tweet feature.

While there has been speculation about the launch of this service by the platform, which has already been released in the two countries (Canada and Australia), it is not yet clear whether or not it will launch globally. It depends on how well it is received.

Source: XDA developer

In an interview, the company said it selected the Canadian and Australian markets to experiment because it wanted to see if the features they already had met the needs of users looking for a more personalized experience.

They also wanted to spread discussions about its features that will help them determine which ones to prioritize for future iterations of Twitter Blue.

A company spokesperson said, “We will continue to work through different levels and pricing options as we continue to learn more about what works and what doesn’t.” In Australia, the subscription costs A $ 4.49, while in Canada it costs A $ 3.49.

What features does Twitter Blue offer?

Bookmark folder

Aside from the basics, Blue offers a number of other features. The Bookmark Folders feature, as mentioned earlier, was introduced to help users better organize their saved content.

Source: How To Geek

When the bookmark option was introduced back in 2018, it added to the experience for users as they could now save content that they wanted to read and then do it at a time that was most convenient for them. With the Folder option you can now separate your contents further.

Now that they can create sub-folders, users can save the long formats they want to consume later, and these folders are even color-coded for easy access at a glance. With the function “add bookmark” you can add directly to your bookmark collection.

Reading mode

When switching to Reader Mode functionality, it is not exactly what users of the platform have expected. Before Blue launched, Twitter acquired Scroll – a reading service that allows readers to do so without any interruptions or distractions such as ads and other clutter to enhance the reading experience.

Scroll CEO Tony Haile even tweeted that his product’s features will be merged with Twitter’s subscription-based service at some point during the year. However, Twitter has made it clear that Reader Mode is in no way related to its most recent acquisition – Scroll.

Source: TechCrunch

Instead, it was developed separately for the Twitter Blue offering. Right now, Reader Mode is focused on making long Twitter threads easier to read. Essentially a separate third-party app – Thread Reader App.

Whenever the user taps to see the detailed view of the tweet, the full thread, those subscribers click a button that changes their screen and shows the long text in a different window. This reader mode can just as easily be exited to see the original format.

Back to the scroll acquisition, the company says to improve the reading experience. It will be brought to the platform and integrated into Twitter Blue, but not yet.

Undo tweet

The most anticipated feature that will be part of Twitter Blue, the Undo Tweet option, has long been a mass request. Though they wanted the platform to come out with an edit button, the undo tweet feature is as close as it gets.

Source: BBC

If a user thinks they’ve entered something or made some other mistake, they can tap the feature and “undo” the tweet. This feature is one of the standout features of Twitter Blue as it will be a godsend for all of those regular Twitter users.

Paying a few dollars to use this feature and save yourself the embarrassment won’t be a big deal for those who use the platform frequently.

When will it be released worldwide?

The company has not released the date and is refusing to comment. But the most important thing here, and this point was emphasized by Twitter, is that none of the existing features on the platform will be changed in any way.

The subscription will continue to work to bring out improvements and other features for the free version of the platform. In time, it will only grow and get better.


The reason for this launch of Twitter Blue is to generate more revenue. The platform is working to increase its income by no longer relying solely on advertising revenue. They plan this in a smart way by releasing Blue to make the life of normal Twitter users easier and therefore gently coax them into buying the premium version.

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