YouTube error AS-10 OR 500 prevents connection to AdSense


When you try to connect your Eligible Member Youtube channel to your existing one AdSense account, You fail and get error messages – Oops, something went wrong, error AS-10 OR AS-08 OR 500, that’s a mistake, then you know that you are not alone. YouTube has recognized this server-side flaw that prevents content creators from monetizing their videos and generating advertising revenue.

Error AS-10 is affecting YouTube’s monetization efforts

Recently, several YouTube channel owners, including us, have had problems connecting their YouTube channel to their AdSense account.

We also get these errors whenever we tried to connect our YouTube channel to our existing AdSense account, which is over 10 years old, for monetization purposes.

YouTube recognizes mistakes that prevent channels from generating advertising revenue

In response to TheWindowsClub’s tweet, YouTube admitted that the company is facing the problems of some channel owners.

“Our team is aware of this and we are working on a solution,” YouTube told TheWindowsClub.

We can’t connect to the Creator Support Team because we don’t see this option.

@TheWindowsClub Thank you for sending this to us – our team is aware of this and we are working on a solution. You can also contact the Creator Support Team for more help: Tweet back to us if necessary.picture

YouTube’s clarification clearly contradicts suggestions made by Google’s YouTube forum community such as “Try other browsers” and “Disable ad blockers”. While these suggestions seem to have helped some, it is important to understand that they can only occur by chance – since the errors shown are server-side errors.

Unfortunately, even though we tried five different web browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi, these two YouTube error messages still prevent us from connecting our channel to our AdSense account.


In addition, clearing the browser cache, surfing in incognito mode, and using VPNs from two different PCs and smartphones without ad blockers (as suggested by Google Forum experts) did not resolve the issue.

Every day we tried 5 different (Chrome / Edge / Firefox / Opera / Vivaldi) browsers with a cleared cache and in incognito mode with and without VPNs from 2 PCs and 2 phones with / without ad blockers.

The best we did is when our browser got stuck on the “Processing, Please Wait” screen.

Then nothing – back to the beginning.

Read: How to contact YouTube support.

What is error AS-10?

Not enough information is available about the AS-10 error. We have encountered numerous complaints on the Google support forums where YouTube channel owners described this problem as a “bug”.

What is error 500?

HTTP Error Code 500 is a “server-side” error that represents a problem with the website’s server and that users may not be able to correct.

We can only hope the company fixes this issue as soon as possible as this is keeping some from monetizing their legitimate channels.

TO UPDATE: Here is a workaround that helped us fix YouTube won’t connect to AdSense account; Error AS-10 OR 500 problem.

Error AS-10 500 This is an error.


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